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Your most frequently asked questions answered along with need to know information!


Opening Hours

*We are currently only operating pop-up shops but will update our opening hours once we open our new bakery space.

*Please note: We are currently closed for custom orders and only offering items for pick up in our online shop. Please see FAQ for questions related to online shop dates. (last updated May 2024).



All pricing is specific to that order based on decor, size of the order and ingredients. Our delivery fee is a flat rate of $5.00 CI per order. This is not part of the dessert cost and is charged separately.

Cakes at Weddings/Outdoor Events:

Please note that our cakes do not do well when kept out of refrigeration for a prolonged period of time. It is recommended that your cake is either kept refrigerated on site and set up just prior to cake cutting/consumption or delivered just beforehand.

*Scratch is not a nut/gluten free facility, however we do try to ensure there is as little contamination as possible; please do let us know of any allergies so that we may take the necessary precautions



  • Payment must be made at time of collection/delivery of goods in the form of cash. Cheques will not be accepted

  • All orders over $100.00CI require a 50% non-refundable deposit to confirm the order, the remaining 50% must be paid prior to collection/delivery

  • A cancellation fee of $40.00CI will be imposed if a cake or goods are cancelled within the 24-hour period prior to the date of the order

  • The decor of a cake or goods will be designed in a way that is the pastry chef's choosing if it is not stated that such goods should be exacted in a particular manner- we will always do our best to accommodate your choice of style, however we do ask that you are thorough in your description of what you would like so that we can provide a product that best suits your needs 

  • In the case of full payment: Orders must be cancelled 2 days before the day of collection/delivery in order to receive a 50% refund/credit

  • We pride ourselves in taking a more natural approach in everything that we do and primarily use Italian Buttercream to enrobe our cakes, we do not cover our cakes in fondant and use it solely for making cake toppers or light decoration only, as not to affect taste and overuse of preservatives. Floral sprays are made using natural flowers without the use of gumpaste or other forms of hard/sculpted sugars

  • Once a cake/goods are accepted by the client, and consumed, a cash/credit refund cannot be given


Q: How do I submit an order request?

A: Click on the 'contact' tab and send a request via the website contact form or directly to

Q: Do you have an online payment option? 

A: Not currently, all orders should be paid in cash at the time of delivery/collection or via online bank transfer. Payment options and details will be given at checkout or once you have received a notification or invoice via email.


Q: When will you be opening a physical storefront? 

A: This is a question we get asked daily and wish we had a concrete answer for you! We are working on this and will be opening in 2024!

Q: I'd like to purchase your dessert items, where can I find them?

A: You can purchase our products in our online shop or at pop-ups that are hosted around the island - pop-up dates will be posted in the lightbox on the homepage once confirmed and on our social media pages.


Q: Your online shop items are out of stock, when will you re-stock them? 

A: The online shop will be updated with new product every Monday. Once the items in the  shop are sold out, they will not be re-stocked until the following pop-up shop (check our social media and website for dates).

Q: If I purchase an item(s) in your online shop, when can I expect them to be delivered and how do I pay?

A: Items purchased in our online shop are delivered within the same week that your order is placed with a wait-time of 1-4 days. Payment is cash on delivery unless specified otherwise.


Q: We'd like to come visit you! Where are you located and do you have ready-made desserts that I can purchase? 

A: We do not have a storefront at the moment for you to visit so all of our dessert items are made to order with the majority being delivery based. Since we make all of our desserts to order, we rarely ever have any leftover. This is something we are actively working on changing!


Q: How soon should I place my order?

A: We always suggest placing your order as soon as possible. Some dates book up earlier than others depending on the demand for that particular date. We will respond letting you know if we are able to accommodate your order for the date you requested. Our peak times are year-round so the earlier the better! We have been known to book up for a month at a time.

Q: I've submitted my order but haven't heard from you guys, what should I do?  

A: Firstly! Thank you for inquiring about placing an order with us! If your order request has been successfully received you will get an automated e-mail confirmation within a minute or two of your order submission - please be sure to check your junk inbox just in case. We will then respond accordingly based on your submission within the time-frame mentioned in the e-mail. If you're having doubts on whether or not we have received your order request just give us a call. 

Q: Where do I store my cake and how long can I keep it? 

A: At Scratch, we use Italian Buttercream on mostly all of our cakes - this is basically all butter - we suggest you keep your cake refrigerated until about an hour before you are ready to enjoy it! Our cakes have a recommended shelf-life of 2-4 days.

Q: How do I store my doughnuts? 

A: We suggest that you keep your doughnuts covered and at room-temperature; avoid putting them in the fridge as this can make them stale/hard.

Q: How long do your doughnuts keep? 

A: Scratch makes 100% from scratch preservative free doughnuts, fresh to order - that means we don't have all the stuff in there that keeps store-bought doughnuts fresh for days on end - with that being said, they are always best on the first day and we wouldn't recommend you keep them any more than 1 day for freshness.

Q: Do you ever have doughnuts left over? 

A: Hardly ever do we have doughnuts left over as we make everything to order. However, we will definitely let it be known if we have a box or two up for grabs! Check our Instagram page @scratchgourmetdesserts for updates.

Q: How long do your French macarons keep and where do I store them? 

A: Macarons are best kept refrigerated until they are ready to be consumed, keep your macarons in the fridge for as long as 3 days.

Q: Why do your doughnuts and cakes cost more than the "average" cake or doughnut? 

A: Simply put, we are a small company and we make all of our cake and doughnuts from scratch using only the best ingredients we can find - sometimes using local ingredients which can be a little more expensive. Doughnut dough is made from scratch, is rolled, cut and dipped by hand and our cakes are scratch-made from start to finish.

Q: How big are your doughnuts? 

A: Our doughnuts are approximately 5" in diameter.

Q: Do you offer any vegan or gluten free doughnuts or cake? 

A: Cake - yes! Although we are not a 100% gluten free facility, we can make a few of our cakes gluten or dairy free, however we are actively working on a vegan doughnut recipe and will soon after start to work on a gluten free recipe. 

Q: Can your cakes be kept out at outdoor events? 

A: We try to make our cakes as temperature-stable as possible and refrigerate them well before any delivery, however, our buttercream is made from butter and butter has a melting point that is around 80F. We recommend that your cake is kept refrigerated or in a cool place just before it is needed. We do not recommend that the cake be kept on display outdoors (in temperatures of over 85F or in direct sunlight) for a prolonged period of time. 

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